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Skip hire is a great way to dispose of your unwanted rubbish, trash and junk around your property, garden, allotments, garages and any other places you can think of. Please keep in mind you may require a skip permit depending on access. Always check with the skip hire company first and let them assist you with what you need to know.

Although skip hire can sometimes work out slightly more than using a rubbish removal company there are also many benefits which skip hire, leasing or rental offers you.

Benefits from hiring a skip in Essex over a using a rubbish clearance company in Essex include:

Clear your rubbish at your speed in your own time. Sort out what you don’t want and then dump it in the skip.

No additional costs for mixed waste

No labour costs involved

Share costs with neighbours and allow them to dump also.

Skip share is a great way to dramatically reduce your out lay. Speak with your neighbours and ask if they need rubbish removed and disposed of and then order a skip and share the costs.

Cost of Skip Hire In Essex

Skip Hire prices in Essex vary by quite a bit, so always do your research and obtain a minimum of three quotes.

Knowing your skip size is a must as you need to make sure you have enough room for the rubbish you have got. Skip hire companies may state no overflow of waste.

As a rule of thumb all go a little larger then you may think you need. If you under estimate you may find another skip or dump runs will be required.

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Skip Permits In Essex

Skip permits or licenses are there should you need to put a skip on a public road.

In most cases the skip hire company or skip leasing company will take responsibility and obtain your skip permit / skip license for you however, you may be required to obtain your own skip permit depending on the company you choose or the area you live in.

Even if you choose to you a large Hippo Bag please keep in mind these fall under the same restrictions as a skip and will also require a permit / license.

Skip Permits and Skip Hire Restrictions In Essex

You can never place a skip on, over or restricting a public walkway / path way.

If you intend to place a skip on private land then you will not require a skip permit.

Remember depending on where you place the skip on delivery, you may be required to place lights, safety marking and even cones or reflective fencing around the skip. Failure to place the correct safety percussions on a skip can result in your receiving a huge fine up to the value of £1000.

Delivery and Return of your Skip in Essex

When you hire a skip it is very important to be clear with the skip company as to what day and what time you require the skip to be delivered on. Always make sure you are at the skips destination when it arrives so you can be sure the skip is placed where you want it.


Again this is a important part when you hire or lease a skip. Some skip hire companies in Essex may charge you per day and if this is the case you really want to return the skip asap. Other skip companies will only charge for the skip hire.

Always be sure you are aware and know when you want the skip returned. This will give you the benefit of knowing when you need all your rubbish loaded in for taking away. Again we would always recommend you be at the location when your skip is picked up.

Skip Renting, Hiring or Leasing Deposits and VAT

When it comes to clarity on pricing, skip hire companies are sometimes not always the most transparent with their costs.

Ask questions about deposits, VAT, Recycling Rates etc and get to know what your money is actually paying for.

Some skip hire companies in Essex may charge you a small deposit which is a form of insurance which covers the skip company from any losses they may incur through damage.

You will also notice most skip leasing companies will never advertise there costs as including VAT. By doing this their prices will always look a lot lower however, when they add that dreaded 20% on top the price soon escalates. Always know what the true costs are involved in hiring a skip before you actually hire the skip.