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What can you expect when you instruct a rubbish removal company in Essex to clear rubbish from your garden?

First thing you should expect is a fully insured, reputable and licensed rubbish clearance company to be turning up who have a great reputation through out Essex and vast experience when removing rubbish from any part of your home.

Second thing you should expect is for the company to be on time and in uniform. Remember you are paying for a service and in some circumstances you may be paying a lot for this rubbish clearance service to take place.

Once a rubbish removal company arrives at your home in Essex to clear your garden waste and rubbish the first thing they will want to do is view your garden rubbish and check for access to your garden. Before arriving to your premises they should have already had a cuppa so no need to be making them tea’s or coffee’s or giving them cakes and biscuits but there is no harm in offering if you feel like it.

Depending on the amount of rubbish to be cleared from your garden you’ll typically have a two man crew arrive. Once the rubbish has been removed from your garden always take the time to have a final look over yourself and make sure no rubbish was left behind. Any rubbish clearance company should complete the job with a final sweep up to leave the job neat and tidy.

When the job is complete and you the customer are very happy with the outcome then and only then should you part with your money. If the company has done a great job ask where you can leave some positive feed back. Companies love testimonials or recommendations and will be very happy you asked to leave positive feedback.

When looking for a garden rubbish clearance, removal and disposal company in Essex always choose one who have full insurance and who hold a waste carriers license. Remember the insurance is not in place just to protect you but also to protect your home, property and also the rubbish removal company employees.

Always Be Accurate To Questions Asked By The Rubbish Removal Company.

There is nothing more frustrating for a rubbish clearance company when information supplied by the customer is misleading or incorrect. Rubbish removal and disposal companies are charged on weight or quantity of rubbish. Should you answer question falsely you are more likely to be charged more once the rubbish has been loaded on to a vehicle.

It is the responsibility of the rubbish disposal company to ask the questions in order to supply all customer with an estimate. Questions you are likely to be asked will be along the lines of:

What type of clearance is it? Garden, House, Office, Garage etc.

Is there any white goods? This is everything from frdges to freezers.

I there any hard core? This is rubble.

There will be more questions however, questions like the above will give the rubbish clearance company a good idea of weight and load amount. From these questions the rubbish removal company should be able to supply you with a rough estimate of costs involved to clear your rubbish.

Charges for Garden Rubbish Clearance In Essex

Charges may vary depending on location and company you choose to use for your garden rubbish clearance and removal. Charges are based on weight, quantity and rubbish type.

Rubbish removal companies in Essex  will often face hire charges for mixed waste as sorting has to be carried out by the waste company staff. Mixed waste or rubbish means that there is a mixture of materials all combined together. Clean waste or rubbish is where its just one type of rubbish for example shrubbery, timber, rubble. One type of waste to dispose of will work out cheaper as no sorting is required.

Always be clear to the rubbish clearance company you choose in Essex what type of waste you need disposed of, let them know you know it is cheaper to dump clean waste.

Clean waste is normally around half the cost of dumping mixed waste.

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What you are likely to pay for rubbish clearance in Essex.

Based on the average of an 8 yard skip or Ford Transit Van SWB which is the most common vehicle used by rubbish disposal companies.

¼ Load - £60.00 / ½ Load - £110.00 / ¾ Load - £150.00 / Full Load - £200.00

The averages used are based upon a survey across the largest rubbish clearance companies in Essex.

Please keep in mind there may be surcharges involved when it comes to tyres, batteries, fridges, freezers, light strips, paint tins etc etc.

All prices used are an average and are used here purely for examples. Remember to get three quotes from three different rubbish removal and disposal companies in Essex.