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Rubbish Removal, Clearance and Skip Hire In Essex

There are more than enough companies operating today offering rubbish clearance, rubbish removal, skip hire, garden rubbish clearance, house clearance, rubbish disposal and rubbish recycling however, choosing the correct rubbish clearance company can be a bit of a mine field.

Follow our simple guidelines and you won’t go wrong.

1) Always do your research: When researching a rubbish clearance or skip hire companies in Essex be sure you ask the right questions for example; Do you have a waste carrier license? Do you have insurance to carry out rubbish removal, house clearance or skip hire? Are you genuinely local? Can I call some previous customers to get a reference? Do your staff carry Identification? Are your staff in uniform? Are there any hidden fee’s? Will I need a permit for your rubbish clearance services? Who do I call for a skip permit? Will the areas be swept after rubbish is removed?. Asking these types of questions can give you an idea of the company you are thinking about using.

2) Payment On Completion: Never ever pay  a rubbish removal company in full until you are happy with the work carried out. Skip hire companies in Essex will usually work slightly different and request payment or at least a deposit for the skip up front , this is normal practice.  Before the skip is removed or the rubbish clearance company leave your premises be sure you have disregarded all your rubbish and have a walk around to be sure.

3) Rubbish Removal Company or Skip Company: What type of rubbish removal service should you use? It can be very difficult to make this decision but that’s what we want to help you with.

The Differences Between Skip Hire and Rubbish Clearance or Removal Companies .

Rubbish clearance companies will normally arrive in a vehicle equipped to remove you rubbish there and then where as a skip company will normally book you in a day and time slot to deliver and collect your skip.

With rubbish clearance, house clearance, garden clearance companies you should not be required to lift or load any of your rubbish as this comes as part of their services. Skip hire companies will normally drop your skip off and leave the rest up to you.

Skip hire companies only charge for the size of their skips you are hiring where as rubbish collection companies will charge by weight, load quantity  and some times labour. Getting the most accurate quotation will require you as the customer to be honest when stating rubbish type and quantity to be removed.

4) Quotation Rule. THREE Quotes. GET 3 QUOTES MINIMUM: Did we happen to mention you should always get a minimum of three quotes. This will give you a better understanding of costs and an average across the rubbish disposal industry. Remember the cheapest quotes should not be a deciding factor to which rubbish disposal company you use. If you do get a cheaper quote from a rubbish clearance or skip hire company in Essex, don’t be afraid to call companies back and see if prices can be matched or beaten. As we said earlier rubbish clearance and skip hire is becoming a very competitive industry and companies are literally fighting for business.

5) Will a rubbish clearance company be cheaper than a skip hire company? The answer to this question is NOT ALWAYS so make sure you do your research and get your 3 quotes. BEWARE of promises made in adverts. Adverts are in place to pull you in and get you to use the company advertising.

6) Always Recycle: We know it’s not at the top of everyone’s priority however, recycling does help our environment. Most rubbish clearance companies or skip hire companies will show their recycling rate on their websites. If recycling is a main factor for you choosing a clearance company always be sure to check the figure on their website is genuine.

7) Where can I find rubbish clearance, house clearance or skip hire companies in Essex? You can start right here. On this website we have links to all local companies covering Essex. Some companies will offer rubbish clearance, removal and disposal. Some companies offer skip hire. Some offer house clearance. Some offer all types of rubbish removal including skip hire. Feel free to Read through and call any of the companies we have advertised on this website.

Rubbish Removal Essex hopes this website has been helpful for you to make the right decision and choose the best company in Essex.

Why not spend a little more time on our site and read up about Garden Rubbish Clearance, Skip Hire and House Clearance services and what you can expect from companies offering you these services.

Below you will find links to the Environment Agency, some advice on Recycling Rubbish and Burning Rubbish. We also like to point out the dangers or cons of Doorstep Salesman offering rubbish clearance, garden clearance, house clearance or skip hire in Essex, so please feel free to check out this link also. Thank you for taking the time to read this information and we hope your rubbish removal goes well for you. Thanks from Rubbish Removal Essex.

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